1. Goal

The goal of the competition is to promote solo and orchestral performance on woodwind instruments, the exchange of experience among young musicians, encouraging young people to continue their musical education and finding young talented musicians.

  1. Direction of the competition

The organiser of the competition is Foundation “Pro Musica” with cooperation of Music University of Fryderick Chopin.

  1. Competition

The responsible for the organization is the Competition committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”).

Competition will be held 12-13 November 2016 on  Music University of Fryderick Chopin   in Bialystok

All information  will be announced on internet page www.promusica.org.pl

The competitors will be evaluated by a jury composed of at least three members, who are renowned international musicians.

A jury secretary will assist the jury with the administrative work.

Competitors are divided in 9 age cathegories (A-I). Jury will award competitors in each cathegory

  1. Competition timeline

All the information regarding the competition will be available to competitors through our website www.promusica.org.pl

The finalists are the best soloists, which will be chosen by the jury. Soloists selected from among the best competitors by the jury, will perform on final concerts.

The competitors will be notified about their participation at the final concert (if they are chosen for the finale) in end of time of competition in performance day 12 or 13 November by telephone and email. Finalists are obliged to play at the final concert.

Competitors in the category A and B or Gruden do not perform at the final concert unless the jury exceptionally decides otherwise.

  1. Evaluation

The jury evaluates competitors’ musical knowledge with regard to the technical readiness, musicality, precision in correct rendition of the text, intensity of musical expression, choice of the programme and originality. Jury’s decisions are final.

  1. Music scores

The programme can be played from music scores.

  1. Prizes

The Gold award is given to the competitors who achieve between 95.00 and 100.00 points.

The Silver award is given to the competitors who achieve between 90.00 and 94.99 points.

The Bronze award is given to the competitors who achieve between 85.00 and 89.99 points.

All competitors receive a certificate of attendance at the competition Finalis .

Main prize is Grand Prix and special cash.

The jury can give special awards as well.

The results will be published on the website (www.promusica.org.pl) after the conclusion competition.

The competitors will receive awards, diplomas or prizes personally at the final concert. If the competitor or his agent will not be present at the ceremony, the prize will not be delivered and cannot be claimed (required) afterwards.

  1. By submitting an entry in the competition, the competitor unconditionally agrees to the rules of the competition.

By submitting an entry in the competition, the competitor consents to public display of their achievements, photographs, audio and video recordings of the whole period of competition time and events and therefore waives all the rights from this title.

  1. If a competitor does not respect the rules of the competition, the Committee has the right to exclude them from the competition. The Committee’s decision is final.
  2. If too many applications are received, the Committee reserves the right to cease accepting further applications before the announced closing date or reject the last arrived applications in order to ensure the best possible organisational quality of the competition. In this case the entry fee will be refunded. Preference will be given to early applications.
  3. The Competition committee is responsible for the settlement of eventual disputes. Its decisions are final
  4. By 15th October 2016, all competitors must complete the internet entry form published on the website (www.upol.si) and pay the application fee. The entry fee is not refundable.

The entry fee 70 PLN(see the Application form), must be transferred to:

Białostocka Fundacja Pro Musica

KRS 0000553976

  1. Korzeniowskiego 19

15-519 Białystok

Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas S.A. Oddział w Białymstoku

  1. Mazowiecka 48 15-302 Białystok


IBAN (Nr konta) PL59203000451110000004066350

Tilte: Konkurs Finalis 2016

  1. Disciplines

Competitors can take part with instruments: flute, recorder, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon,

All other versions of the primary instruments are allowed as well (for example piccolo, Es clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, etc).


A born in 2007 and 2008 up to 5 minutes
B born in 2005 and 2006 up to 6 minutes
C born in 2003 and 2004 up to 8 minutes
D born in 2001 and 2002 up to 10 minutes
E born in 1999 and 2000 up to 13 minutes
F born in 1997 and 1998 up to 14 minutes
G born in 1995 and 1996 up to 15 minutes
H born in 1992, 1993 and up to 16 minutes
I 1994 and no age limit up to 16 minutes

The secretary of the jury will stop any performance exceeding the allowed programme duration.

  1. Competition programme

Each competitor will present a programme of her/his own choice, which has to contain one or two orchestral excerpt from wind or symphonic orchestras’ repertoire orchestral excerpts (which are played at the orchestral auditions – orchesterstelle, passi d’orchestra). This part should not exceed a half of individual competitor’s entire competition performance otherwise the sanction from the article n. 8 of these regulations can be applied.

A competitor play the orchestral excerpt with no piano accompaniment. The competitor can perform just a fragment (or more fragments) of the excerpt, but this has to be clearly marked in the scores. Pauses in the part longer than 10 seconds should not be played by the competitor.

  1. Piano accompaniament and rehealsal

An official accompanist will be available to competitors. When submitting the entry form, it must be stated whether a competitor will use this option. The competitors who will decide to have an official accompanist must send by email sekretariat.promusica@gmail.com a copy of their music scores for the piano accompanist. If the sent music scores are copies, please make sure they are clearly visible and properly prepared for performing.

Rehearsal with the accompanist will be possible on the day of competition or according to the schedule published on the website minimum one hour before performance.

  1. Schedule

Schedule  of the performance and accompaniment will be published on the website (www.promusica.org.pl) at least on 20 october 2016.


  1. Registration

At the registration on the day of competition, the competitor must bring a valid identity photo-bearing ID document, three (3) copies of his/her competition part (it can be photocopies) and claim an entry fee payment receipt.

The competitor must register at least one (1) hour before his/her performance.