Egidijus Stanelis v4 - 1aEgidijus Stanelis -horn


Hornist. Graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music in 1998.

Continued his studies in Norway at the Norwegian Music

Academy in Oslo with one of the famous teacher professor Froydis Ree Wekre.

In 1994 Egidijus Stanelis became the winner at the J.Pakalnis Respublican Competition of

Winds and Percussion Instrumentalists.

Recently he is a co-principal French horn player at the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra. As a member of various ensembles and orchestras he has performed in many countries and festivals.

Also an active promoter of the French horn music and is one of the

organizers of the French Horn Ensemble and workshops connected to the International

Hanseatic days. He has been a founder and member of the Horn Quartet of Lithuania and they have had various performances with orchestras and unusual shows. Also he is founder, organizer and art manager of the Respublican Young Performers Festival “Vilniaus Fanfaros”.

Since 2005 Egidijus Stanelis is an Docent at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. His students works at the mains Lithuanian orchestras and ensembles.